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International entrepreneurs, startupists, CEOs, techies & resourceful startupists all in one place. We carefully select them to fit within the mission of our community, to make sure we fuel constructive discussions and foster possible solutions.

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Reflect Festival is quite a ride: a fun, content-packed, networking-driven event taking place annually in gorgeous Limassol, Cyprus. getFORWARD members automatically receive a 30 percent discount.

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You can find answers about getFORWARD here. Reach out to us with any further questions at hello@getforward.org
getForward platform hosts a curated community. We definitely suggest applying to everyone eager to advance on their professional or personal path. Afterwards, we will consider if your work and passions fit within our mission and vision. If so, you will be invited to join getForward. 
No, you can join the getForward platform for free. 
That depends on you 🙂 We have members coming from all around the world who run their own successful businesses, write, inspire, influence, create, and teach others. They are ready to share their lessons learned - just ask, and perhaps you will avoid making a costly mistake. This help goes both ways, so be ready that someone might want to chat with you as well!
The best way to get to know new members is to join our Slack. We recommend following the relevant groups to get familiar with the topics discussed and members who give advice beneficial for you. Feel free to directly approach those who can help you - or perhaps you can help them?
We all meet in person every year in Limassol, Cyprus, during Reflect - a futuristic 2-day festival full of amazing lectures, fun networking sessions and sun! 
Yes, we can organize a tailored session with one of our experts upon request. 

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